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Asia Yoga Conference

Asia’s leading yoga and wellness conference of its kind, bringing together renowned presenters from across the world.

Iris Health & Wellness Festival

Iris is a biannual Yoga and Wellness Festival. It encourages people to connect with others on a deeper level through yoga, meditation, music, arts, health and wellness education.

Discovery Bay Markets

A monthly outdoor market that promotes the value of handmade goods, creativity, local businesses and ethical consumerism.

Free Community Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga
Classes focus on the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body.
Acroyoga is a mix of three traditions: yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage.
It’s a form of partner yoga and brings elements of playfulness, power and acrobatics.
Family Yoga
Children, parents, and even grandparents get to enjoy practicing yoga together and strengthen their bonds while they support each other and have fun.

Wheel Yoga
Yoga Wheel is one of the very useful props that provides great help during your Yoga practice. It is specifically designed to open the chest, relax the back muscles, align the spine, stretch the hip flexors and provide support in various asanas (poses).